About Caly Paris

A project in the image of its creator

Fashion and customization fan,  hoodies addict

Caroline was bored of seeing the same models everywhere

and not to find a sweatshirt that can suit her mood

She wanted to wear an hoodie and be chic, cool, fun or sexy.

She then decides to launch her own brand of customizable sweatshirts.

This is how Caly Paris was born.

What is the concept of Caly Paris?

Caly, offers a unique customizable hoodie concept.

The principle is simple:

 With a system of double buttonholes developed specially for his sweatshirt,

Caly allows to easily change the drawstring cords  

as often as you wish.

For 1 sweatshirt, 1000 options

Thanks to our different models of original and trendy drawstring cords,

this sweatshirt has been designed to transform

according to your moodand your desires!

Unisex, our sweatshirt with interchangeable drawstring cords Caly Paris

can be worn by all family members!